Headaches From MK 677: Should You Be Worried?

MK 677 or ibutamoren is legally classified as an investigative new drug that acts like a growth hormone (GH). Substances like MK 677 are called growth hormone secretagogues (GHS) and are known to increase the release of growth hormones in your body without having an impact on your cortisol levels.

It has not yet been approved for consumption in the United States. But bodybuilders typically use this product with guidance from anecdotal evidence. Products like MK 677 are available in the black market as a research compound. Since it acts like a hormone called ghrelin, the underground fitness lobby is a fan.

Because there isn’t a lot of scientific data to understand its effect on the human body, those who have used this product have documented a variety of side effects. One common denominator is headaches from MK 677. But is that a result of an irreversible change in your body? Let’s find out.

Does MK 677 cause headaches? What the community says

MK 677 Headaches

If you do it right, that should not happen. But since the users are being guided by anecdotal data, there are a few ifs and buts to the “doing it right” clause. The proponents of this product say that MK 677 boosts the growth hormone, it helps increase lean body mass and increases fat burning. They also say it strengthens bones and improves the quality of sleep.

Those who oppose it argue that it is not approved for human use and is likely to be unsafe. It may cause muscle pain and swelling along with an increase in blood sugar levels and lead to insulin resistance. It could be dangerous for cancer patients and may have unknown side effects.

While some of that is true, you don’t see anyone mention headaches, do you? So why do some users complain of headaches? Let’s see.

Why do people get a headache from taking MK 677?


The problem with supplements like MK 677 is that there isn’t enough research to come to absolute conclusions and side effects show up when you overuse the product or do it too often. That’s the first lesson. About headaches. The biggest reason for headaches during a MK 677 cycle is water retention.

Water Retention

While it is not everyone’s experience, MK 677 is known to make your body hold water. But you are likely to experience it if you have a bad diet and don’t drink enough water.

The supplement is likely to cause an increase in fluid levels and that is how water retention comes into the picture. However, it is wise to drink a little extra water if you are starting a MK 677 cycle. This is just a precaution. Ideally, you should drink at least two liters of water every day. Three liters is optimal.

The overuse of MK 677 is also known to cause nausea and general discomfort. The best thing to do is to talk to a physician before starting the cycle. This is non-negotiable for those who are already on medication for any other existing conditions.

The bottom line is that water retention is something to look out for. But if you have healthy eating and drinking patterns, you might just be okay.

Bunk MK 677

One of the problems with buying products that are not approved for sale from the black market is that it is tricky to know whether they are originals or fakes. And there are a lot of manufacturers that sell bunk MK 677 which have other cheap ingredients mixed in them. This not only makes the supplement ineffective but also brings about other headaches. In this case, quite literally.

Bunk MK 677 is notorious for causing headaches and the only way to avoid this is to buy high-quality products. You can find some of them here.

How to avoid the MK 677 headache: what to do


There are three main ways of getting the job done and extracting full results from a MK 677 cycle. If you are unsure of the side effects and want to be ready to manage them in case they hit you up, here’s how.

  • Drink enough water
  • Sleep enough, remove stress
  • Buy high-quality MK 677

Drink Enough Water

Unlike other such products, MK 677 can be taken orally, once a day. Along with building muscle and losing fat, some claim that it can also improve bone density and sleep.

But, as mentioned before, there is little to no scientific data to back these claims. If you have decided to go ahead with it, the first thing to remember is to drink optimal level water on a daily basis.

If it is not something you can remember organically, there are several apps to help you do this. Water retention over a long period of time (a year or more) can cause headaches and nausea.

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Cycle and Avoid Stress

While some claim that MK 677 helps improve sleep because of its impact on our circadian rhythm, you might not want to take that information for granted. Do your best to maintain a schedule and get a good amount of sleep which is at least six hours. Lack of sleep is also a reason that could lead to a headache.

Now, no one tries actively to be stressed out but if we have learned anything from coronavirus, it is that there are a ton of repercussions to leading a stressful life. So, do everything in your power to keep the amount of stress in your life to a minimum. Once again, there are a heap of apps that can help you do this. Stress is also a major reason for headaches even without MK 677 in your system.

Where to buy & final thoughts

Where to buy Ibutamoren

The most direct reason for a headache (and also stress and lack of sleep) is to worry over the quality of MK 677 that you have managed to procure. That makes sense since a compromised product has a lot of unknown side effects. That is scary. So, don’t start a cycle unless you are sure that the product you have is a hundred percent pure.

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It must be clear by now that MK 677 on its own does not really cause headaches. What it does is causes water retention if you have bad eating and drinking habits. To avoid that, you must keep yourself hydrated and get at least six hours of sleep and avoid stress. These are good rules to live by even otherwise, wouldn’t you say?

Apart from headaches, there are a few other possible side effects that you should be aware of so that you are not caught off guard. You might experience an increase in appetite which is common when you take supplements that imitate ghrelin. There are certain risks in taking supplements that are not approved for human consumption. But if you have made that choice, try to get the purest batch to avoid unnecessary complications.

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