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Geo Peptides is a sarms and peptides supplier that claims to make their products in house. Their website is sloppy, their payment options are limited, and overall the reviews for quality are hit or miss.
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  • Selection of basic SARMs and peptides
  • Website is hard to navigate
  • No 3rd party lab testing
  • Angry customer reports on Reddit

Geo Peptides Review, Coupon Codes, and Purity Check

Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, have been a popular tool for building muscle mass for years. While they were originally developed to help improve the lives of people suffering from bone wasting diseases, they have become wildly popular among body builders, cyclists, endurance athletes, and people just generally looking to build muscle mass and lose fat.

Consumers who are interested in purchasing SARMs may find themselves inundated with information about not only what they can do, but where they should be purchased.

Geo Peptides would like you to believe that they are the best in the business when it comes to procuring your SARMs, but this Geo Peptides review is here to put that claim to the test. Are they really the best, or is this just a scam among the thousands already bogging down the internet?


First impressions with Geo Peptide’s website

Company Info

One of the first things that jumped out at me when I clicked on the website is how terribly busy and unorganized it is. There is a super-close-up picture of a snowboarder and a ticker at the top that scrolling through different deals, and it is honestly just a lot.

The website formatting is poorly done, with text boxes cutting things strangely, and mismatched font that make it impossible to know what is real and what is an ad… or maybe it is all real and just looks like an ad? The typos littering the pages are enough for me to never want to visit this website again.

I finally found the SARMs tab, and navigated there, and found this page much more appealing to the eyes. It is formatted well, uniform in its text, and is all together pleasing to look at.

The actual product is lined up nicely, but unlike many of the other merchants, their SARMs are sold in the form of serums, rather than capsules or raw powders. In addition to credit cards, Geo Peptides also offers Zelle, which is another online payment method that has become popular recently. also has a convenient window right in the checkout screen to add a Geo Peptides discount/coupon code. Make sure you do not just scroll past that without taking advantage of that money-saving option.


What does Geo Peptides sell?


Like all of the other SARMs merchants, Geo Peptides offers a large array of different products:

When it comes to stacking, or using one supplement in accordance with others, it is definitely in your best interest to find yourself an expert and listen to what they have to say. Experts in stacking have taken years to perfect their craft by learning which SARMs work best with others depending on the results each user is seeking.

There are myriad ways to stack each of these supplements, and some help you drop fat, while others help you build muscle.

According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, or NBCI, there have been successful results in patients with osteoporosis who have been given SARMs as a method of treatment.

The NBCI states that the bone mineral density of the femur in this specific case increased. There is still a lot of research to be done concerning SARMs, but these studies have given hope to people with bone-wasting diseases that previously had no hope for regeneration.


Does Geo Peptides have good customer service?

Customer Support

One of the first things I look at when deciding what makes Geo Peptides legit or not is their customer support offerings. Unfortunately for, their customer support tab links to a 404 Not Found page, which certainly does not bode well for savvy customers at all.

However, they do redeem themselves slightly when a chat window pops up, in place of a completed customer service page.

Except… when I clicked on the window and initiated a chat, I sat in the number one spot in the queue for about thirty minutes without anyone actually signing on and just auto generated messages coming through.

Granted, I did this at 11:23 pm Eastern Standard Time, but if the chat is not available at all hours, it should not be advertised as such.

Despite there being no customer support to speak of, not even an email address in case of SARMs emergency, they do offer three different languages on the site: English, German, and French. That is a nice touch.


How expensive are Geo Peptides SARMs?


The pricing on Geo Peptides seems to be comparable, if not a little more affordable, than its competitors. The trade off, however, is the lack of options. They only have 14 SARMs available, and they all come in syrup form.

Many people, especially when stacking, prefer that their SARMs come in capsule and powder form. It makes it easier for them to mix and match. If you do not have anything against serums, though, this is right up your alley.

Unlike some of the other SARMs merchants out there, Geo Peptides also sells durable medical equipment. Some of the products available for purchase include folding commodes, knee braces, waterproof gel cushions, sport covers, power wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.

You can also find bulk chemicals, catalog peptides, and catalog chemicals. This more than anything is how they have truly set themselves apart.

When it comes to the SARM’s game, the landscape is changing drastically. While there are plenty of “okay” SARMs merchants out there, you can never truly know where your products are coming from.

If you are looking for a legit, verified, reliable merchant for all your SARMs needs, view our recommended sarms stores here. With them, your experience is sure to be pleasant that you are likely to repeat for years to come.

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4 reviews for Geo Peptides

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  1. John Hobbins

    fast shipping seemed to have things going perfect as of 4/24

    + PROS: fast shipping high high quality products
    - CONS: labels could be better
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  2. Brandon

    Geopeptides used to be a legit site, now it is a SCAM site. I’ve ordered many times over the years, but I’ll never order again. You may or may not get your order and it may or may not contain what it is supposed to. They sent only half my last order, I’ve contacted them 4 times now and they just ignore me.

    + PROS: Used to be legit
    - CONS: Sells watered down peptides and may not even fulfil your order.
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  3. Patrick

    where is my order its been 3 weeks no emails no package

    - CONS: they didnt ship my order
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  4. katy

    Worst company ever. Bottles came in BROKEN and now customer support WILL NOT EMAIL ME BACK. STAY AWAY

    - CONS: BAD COMPANY Bottles were broken
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