SR9011 Review: Legality, Dosing, and Where To Buy

What is SR9011?

Often misquoted as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), SR9011 is classified under the drug group REV-ERB agonists. 

REV-ERB is a family of proteins that are found in skeletal muscle, liver, brain, and adipose tissue. REV-ERB proteins (REV-ERBα and REV-ERBβ) alter the BMAL1 gene, which is considered one of the main genes regulating circadian rhythm. These nuclear hormone receptors play an important role in lipid and glucose metabolism, and inflammatory responses. 

SR9011 is not approved for human consumption by the FDA. It is sold under the title of Research Chemical (we’ll show you where to buy it).

What you need to know about SR9011.

Is SR9011 Legal?

As of August 2020, SR9011 can be legally bought in every country except Australia. SR9011 is not legal in Australia as it is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which classifies it as a Schedule 4 prescription drug. This means in order to purchase it you must have a doctor’s prescription. It is illegal to buy it in supplement form. 

Who developed SR9011?

SR9011 is a research drug developed by Dr. Thomas Burris at Scripps Research Institute in 2012. At the time, he was working to find a drug that could change someone’s circadian clock. Dr. Burris’ team found that the compound had metabolic effects, as obese mice using the compound lost weight.

What Studies Say

Lab studies on mice using SR9011 showed a dramatic increase in endurance and body fat reduction. The mice also had an increased 50% running capacity for both time and distance. It also has no effect on the viability of normal tissues or cells when used. The increased muscle mass of the mice had a direct correlation to SR9011 usage.

Another study by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has found that SR9011 turns on receptors to kill breast, colon, leukemia, melanoma, and brain cancer cells.

SR9011 Before and After

The activation of REV-ERB by SR9011 results in increased energy use and weight loss in mice. Using the compound caused both weight loss and fat mass loss, but also increased oxygen consumption. There was no change in food intake or respiration when taking SR9011.

Benefits of SR9011

SR9011 works by regulating certain protein functions, including lipids, glucose levels, and removes dead cells. Its main goal is to control the circadian rhythm by producing and stabilizing chemical levels. 

Studies of SR9011 show many exciting athletic benefits such as:

  • Decreased amount of stored fat in adipose tissues
  • Reduced production of bile acids and cholesterol in the liver
  • Decreased fatty liver cells
  • Improved oxygen intake 
  • Increased mitochondria count
  • Increased absorption of fatty acids and glucose in the muscles
  • Increased lean muscle development as new tissues are generated faster, replacing dead cells with new ones faster.
  • Aids in recovery time by reducing tissue inflammation
  • Enhanced endurance by allowing for increased capacities in heart rate.
  • Increased the resting metabolism, burning more energy per unit, and stopping the body from uptaking glucose.

Dosage Guide

No lab studies have been done on the proper dosage of SR9011 for humans. The people I know who are taking it are getting good results from 20mg per day, which would make it on par with the dosing recommended for SR9009.


The SR9011 half-life is incredibly short at four hours. This means that the compound will have left one’s body after this amount of time has passed. 


SR9011 has poor levels of oral bioavailability due to the inherent nature of the compound. There are forms of SR9011 that have undergone a micronization process to increase bioavailability. However, the level is still not enough for the compound to be administered through injection or IV.

A new delivery method is transdermal, allowing for absorption directly through the skin. This will allow for a direct application, instead of patches, while increasing the bioavailability.

Side Effects of SR9011

There have been no clinically identified long term side effects using SR9011 simply because not enough testing has been done. Some anecdotal evidence has pointed to a possible side effect of insomnia as it causes increased hyperactivity.

Users of SR9011 that we interviewed online did not report any serious side effects. We were able to collect responses from a total 24 people who reported using SR9011. Only 4 out of 24 people reported sleep side effects.

SR9011 Banned in Sports

SR9011 is a banned substance among sports leagues and organizations. It is listed as a prohibited substance that can lead to disqualification and suspension in almost every sport, including the Olympics. 

All organizations below have it listed as a banned substance on their website:

  • WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)
  • USADA (the United States Anti-Doping Agency)
  • ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority)

It is clear that SR9011 is not tolerated among sports and any competing athletes caught using it face suspensions and fines. 

SR9011 vs. SR9009 

SR9011 and SR9009 are both REV-ERB and offer many of the same benefits. Both have been seen to decrease anxiety, inflammation, recovery times on mice. However, SR9011 has higher efficacy due to its higher activation of REV-ERB proteins.

It is harder to find pure SR9011, while SR9009 is much more accessible.

Where To Buy SR9011

As of September 2020, the only source from our Verified Source List that sells SR9011 is

If you plan on buying SR9011 for your next cycle, definitely do your homework and don’t buy it from some company you’ve never heard of. This is a VERY rare compound and it is not commonly sourced into the USA.

Buy Legit SR9011 From

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More clinical studies need to be conducted on SR9011 before its long term effects become evident on humans. It has shown great potential for recovery, increased endurance and muscle mass in mice. It is not approved for human consumption by the FDA. 

It is also legal in all countries, except Australia making it easily accessible. Mostly used for research purposes, SR9011 is a promising compound that is a better version of SR9009. While SR9009 offers many of the same benefits, SR9011 is becoming preferable due to its increased efficacy. 

Overall, as more clinical studies are completed, additional information and discovery will become available about this drug.


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      It’s been a while since I’ve played with transdermal solutions. You would likely need to dilute the solution and add DMSO to help penetrate the dermal layer… There was a guy named Brundel on some old bodybuilding forums that did a lot of transdermal stuff, could be worth looking into.

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