What SARMs Can You Buy at GNC?

If you’re a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast or have been keeping track of the industry, you’ve likely shopped at GNC. You’ve probably also heard of SARMs. These compounds shot to popularity among folks looking to gain muscle mass in a relatively quick, super effective and most importantly, safe manner.

SARMs are much less potent than anabolic steroids but can give you almost the same kind of results—better, in fact, considering the craze for lean muscle that’s taken over people’s hearts and Insta feeds. Well, SARMs can give you exactly those kinds of results sans the side effects.

Miraculous as they sound, SARMs are also controversy’s favorite child. For one, they’re not FDA approved and are not approved for human consumption. There are also very strict laws surrounding their sale. So given all this, can you buy SARMs at GNC?

Let’s find out!

GNC Inventory

What does GNC sell at their stores?

GNC is one of the leading nutrition stores in the United States, started by David Shakarian with all of $35! Through the decades that followed, though, this humble department store grew into the mammoth it is, known for its innovative, high-quality products focused on health, nutrition and well being.

Some of the features they offer include price match, product guarantee, full refunds in case of dissatisfaction, rewards, free shipping, auto-subscription and great customer service. 


Can you buy SARMs at GNC or vitamin shoppe?

You can legally buy SARMs in the United States, though as mentioned earlier, they’re neither approved by the FDA or for human consumption. This means that you can get your stock of SARMs from any supplement store or other dealers on the internet without any worries about the legality.

However, the SARMs won’t be advertised as ‘SARMs’; instead, they’ll simply be sold as chemicals for research purposes.

Therefore, any SARM that you pick up at a supplement store, if it is capsuled in a way that it can be consumed easily by humans or advertised as a dietary supplement, is being illegally sold by the company.

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Right now, according to the FDA, SARMs are drugs and not dietary supplements. One can only assume that GNC has considered these risks, been smart and doesn’t sell SARMs, or that they’ve considered these risks, been smart and are selling their SARMs under disguise. Either way, they’re being smart!

So, GNC does not sell SARMs outright unfortunately.

In fact, if you Google ‘SARMs at GNC’, you’ll see that it will display testosterone boosters and other muscle building supplements. These products are all sold in their powdered form and under many brands. There’s protein powder, products for bulking/gaining mass and building muscle (hyper-anabolic mass gainers) and products for losing weight/cutting fat.

The products and supplements sold at GNC also fall within different price categories, come in different flavors, and cater to a range of specialty diets, such as gluten-free, kosher, lactose-free, non-GMO, soy-free, vegetarian and sugar-free. 

As mentioned earlier, you can have the company ship deliver these to you for free, or pick them up in store, at GNC. Either way, you’ll enjoy full refunds, price matching, rewards and great customer service!


Wrapping up and FAQ

Long story short, if you’re wondering what SARMs you can buy at GNC—you can’t! GNC doesn’t sell SARMs, and even if it does, you shouldn’t be buying it from a general supplement store in any form that indicates that it’s fit for human consumption, since, well, that’s technically illegal.

Instead, there are various other trusted and verified sources that you can turn to for your SARMs needs, all listed on the verified sources page. So save yourself a world of trouble, inconvenience, and worry, and just head there, maybe?

Where can I buy SARMs near me?

Verified Source Badge

Local stores typically do not sell SARMs since they are not for human consumption. You can find a retailer that ships to your location on the verified source page.

Do any supplement stores sell SARMs?

You might be able to find a local mom and pop store that does, but none of the big brands carry them anymore due to the liability issues concerning selling SARMs for human consumption.

Does GNC sell pro hormones?

As of September 2020, GNC does not sell pro hormones or anabolic compounds.

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson

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