How to Reconstitute AOD 9604 (Step by Step)

AOD 9604, a potent fat-burning peptide, is derived from the human growth hormone’s amino chain, specifically the lipolysis-inducing section (177 to 191st amino acid + Tyrosine). Despite its effectiveness, many struggle with its preparation, often leading to a less potent product. This guide will walk you through the correct process of AOD 9604 reconstitution, including preparing, storing and mixing.

Administered through subcutaneous injections, AOD 9604 is typically dosed at 500mcg/day. Sold as a powder, it requires reconstitution before injection.

To reconstitute AOD 9604, you can use either bacteriostatic water (BAC) or sterile water. The peptide vendors usually recommend BAC, but the reconstitution process remains the same regardless of the water type.

AOD 9604 Reconstitution Step by Step

Step by Step Guide

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • AOD 9604 vial
  • Syringe
  • BAC or sterile water vial
  • Alcohol wipes

Use the peptides reconstitution calculator to make this process a whole lot easier!

How to Reconstitue AOD 9604
Prepare the vials

Remove the plastic caps from both vials. Disinfect the rubber tops with an alcohol wipe.

Prepare the solvent

Use 1 – 5ml of BAC per AOD 9604 vial. A 2ml volume works well considering the vial size. The amount of water you use will determine the volume needed to achieve your desired AOD dose. For instance, reconstituting 5mg of AOD in 2 ml results in a 2500mcg/ml (2.5 mg per ML) solution. To administer a 250mcg dose of AOD 9604, you’ll need to inject 0.1ml or 10 UI.

Draw up the solvent

Fill the syringe with the desired amount of BAC. Clear any bubbles by pointing the syringe upwards and tapping it lightly.

Inject into AOD 9604 powder

Inject the BAC water into the peptide vial, aiming at the vial’s side. Inject slowly down the vial wall and into the powder. Direct contact with the powder may damage the AOD 9604.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 if needed

If your syringe is small, you may need to repeat this process to transfer the recommended 2ml volume.

Mix the peptide

Gently swirl the vial in a clockwise motion until the powder and water mix completely. Avoid shaking. Shaking the peptide can cause stabilization issues, hence why we recommend swirling instead.


Refrigerate your reconstituted AOD 9604 and use it within 30 days. For your first injection, use a different needle and syringe than the one used for reconstitution.

In conclusion, hydrophobic peptides like AOD 9604 can be reconstituted in either BAC or distilled sterile water. The quality of your AOD 9604 will determine whether it fully dissolves. If any powder remains post-reconstitution, the AOD may not be of high quality.

For the best quality AOD 9604 and BAC water, consider purchasing from the recommended vendors on the trusted sources page. These vendors are well-known, provide third-party lab tests to verify AOD purity, and have a positive community track record. Plus, you can enjoy a 20% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do researchers reconstitute a lyophilized peptide like AOD 9604?

To reconstitute a lyophilized peptide such as AOD 9604, the first step is to calculate the required amount of bacteriostatic water or another diluent. After the calculation, the diluent is slowly inserted into the peptide vial. To avoid contamination, it is important that the surfaces are sterile. The peptide will dissolve into the liquid, typically forming a clear solution. Each case is subject to trial and error, though, as not all peptides dissolve easily. Some may require sonication or a small amount of acetic acid.

How to correctly dilute AOD 9604 peptide?

The dilution of AOD 9604 peptide depends on the dosage and the concentration desired. For general reference, 5mg of the peptide usually require approximately 1ml of bacteriostatic water. Always remember that best practice to inject the water into the peptide vial is along the glass wall of the container to minimize foam and disturbance to the lyophilized peptide.

How much bacteriostatic water should be used to reconstitute a 5mg vial of AOD 9604?

It is common to use 2ml or 3ml of bacteriostatic water to reconstitute a 5mg vial of AOD 9604. Use our peptide reconstitution calculator to find the right concentration for your needs.

What is the correct way to store a reconstituted AOD 9604 peptide?

After the reconstitution, the AOD 9604 peptide must be stored appropriately for maintaining its properties. The peptide solution can be kept at a stable condition in room temperature for a short period, but for a duration longer than a few days, it should be stored in a refrigerator; freezing is not recommended. Minimizing exposure to light and air can also aid in maintaining the peptide’s stability.

How to safely inject the reconstituted AOD 9604 peptide?

The reconstituted AOD 9604 peptide is typically injected subcutaneously. Before injection, the area should be cleaned to avoid any potential contamination. The peptide is drawn up into an insulin syringe, and injected under the skin. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or a researcher, prior to any injections.

How is the dosage calculated for the AOD 9604 peptide?

The dosage of AOD 9604 is generally determined by the provider or researcher based on requirements. A commonly reported dosage is 300 mcg per day, divided into two doses. Again, the exact dosage will depend on several factors, and it should therefore be obtained from a healthcare professional.

How to minimize potential contamination when working with AOD 9604 in a laboratory setting?

Ensure that your work surface and all vessel containers are sterile before handling peptides like AOD 9604. Make certain you are comfortable with peptide reconstitution techniques to avoid harmful effects.

How long does a reconstituted AOD 9604 maintain its properties?

A properly reconstituted AOD 9604 peptide can be stable at room temperature for about 3 weeks. However, it is typically refrigerated and used within a week.

Does the FDA approve the use of AOD 9604 peptide for weight loss?

As of now, the FDA does not approve the use of the AOD 9604 peptide for weight loss, despite some research suggesting that it may stimulate the burning of fat.

What happens if the lyophilized AOD 9604 peptide does not dissolve completely?

If the lyophilized AOD 9604 peptide does not dissolve completely, it could be due to the peptide’s hydrophobic nature. Some peptides might require a small amount of acetic acid or sonication to assist in dissolving.

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